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Library of Things describes non-traditional collections that are being loaned by libraries, and can include kitchen appliances, tools, gardening equipment and seeds,[1] electronics,[2] toys and games, art,[3] science kits, craft supplies, musical instruments, recreational equipment, and more.[4] These new types of collections vary widely, but go far beyond the books, journals, and media that have been the primary focus of library collections in the past.[5]

The Library of Things movement is a growing trend in public, academic, and special libraries in the United States.[6] There are also free-standing organizations outside of libraries that offer borrowing services, such as tool libraries, toy libraries, or independent non-profits. These borrowing centers and library collections are all a part of the sharing economy.[7] Many of these libraries are offering tools and equipment that are useful to have access to, such as specialized cookware or niche technology items, but are often cumbersome to own and store.[8] Library of Things collections are often supported by educational programming and public events.